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Ziwani primary school was formally opened by A.V. Hatfield Esq., Provincial
Education Officer on 7th May 1960.It was the colonial period whereby schools were established to carter for a certain community. Learning Institutional were based on races, religions grounds and thosewho were connected to the colonial government.

This learning institution was built to carter for the boys of Asian community.
The school has two blocks; the first block is the administration block which consists of the Headmasters office, clerk's office, the stafrroom, the kitchen and a store. The other block consists of the classrooms. Early childhood to std Eight.

The number of pupils had decreased due to the mushrooming of the other public
schools which were mixed and most of the parents like their children both boys and girls to learn in one institution. Another reason is due to cropping up of private schools around.

The school has a good football ground and a volleyball court. It is among the best
performing schools hi Academic and co-curricular activities.
The school is located hi Coast province, Mombasa district, Mvita division, Ziwani
zone. Administration wise it is found in Tudor location, Island division, Tudor

The school is surrounded with big trees which enables the school to have fresh air. It has a conducive atmosphere for learning. These are no factories and industries to disrupt learning.
The Headteacher of the school is Mr. Abdalla Omar. The school motto is: "I can and I will". There are eleven teachers and three supporting staff. Among these teachers there are two Male and nine Female. They are all under T.S.C except one the E.C.D under P.T.A. Among the supporting staff there are two ladies and one gentleman. The two ladies one is the school Clerk and the other one Office messenger. The gentleman is the Toilet attendant. The two ladies are under Municipal Council while the gentleman is under P.T.A.

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